If your child is a struggling reader or has a diagnosis of dyslexia this site is for you!


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Dr. Marianne Cintron

Author of A Message of Hope, How Music Enhances Reading for Dyslexic Children.

Founder of Step by Step Dyslexia Solutions

A Message of Hope

A Message of Hope was written for parents of dyslexic children to learn how they can help their struggling readers become successful readers.


Curriculum Layouts

I am currently signing up teams of teachers to work after school with the Step By Step Reading Program. The app Dunking Dyslexia is free with training. The Kit contains 6 Manuals, plastic letters, phonogram cards, sound squares, and the Free app. The manuals are Teacher Instructions (Teacher guidelines, Phonics- Reading pages, and Spelling Exercises – to accompany the app), Junior Workbook, Senior Workbooks I and II, Blackline Masters (containing reproducible pages including Progress Monitoring for Phonics, Junior and Senior WB I, and Senior WB II). Finally, Mini-Lessons 1-5 contain great instruction for phonics rules! Please share and sign up today! Email me for prices for curriculum and for training. Music is having a significant on the brain for learning phonics!

Description of Curriculum

Step by Step Reading curriculum contains coil-bound 6 books used to train teachers to teach dyslexic children in order to develop literacy skills. There is a Teacher Guide which contains Teacher Instructions, Phonics reading, Spelling Exercises, and Scientific Resources. There is a Book of Mini Lessons which teach grammar and spelling rules to enhance teacher knowledge of subject matter, there are Blackline Masters which contains 38 reproducible pages, there is a Junior Workbook, and there is a Senior Workbook I and a Senior Workbook II. The kit also contains alphabet letters, sound circles, and the Trademarked/Copyrighted Dunking Dyslexia App which is free with the purchase of the Step by Step Reading program.




Music has a profound impact on learning to read. Try one exercise of the app Dunking Dyslexia here for free. Play the music in your left ear with an earbud while you listen to the spelling exercise in the right ear with a separate earbud. The app is available with a free 3-day trial or free if you purchase the Step By Step Reading program.

A great session at Le Roy Haynes Center in La Verne, training in the Step By Step Reading Program!

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