From the desk of Dr. Marianne Cintron

Help Your Dyslexic Student Read in 6 Weeks!
Help Your Dyslexic Student Read in 6 Weeks!

Dyslexic Students Need Help NOW! Parents are having sleepless nights and teachers are frustrated, trying their best and still need fast and inexpensive training! Help is here now. Train for 7 hours and work with dyslexic students tomorrow. The trick is how to properly use music with the phonics reading program.


I’m Marianne

I have a passion to help dyslexic students.

My focus is on dyslexia intervention and parent awareness by mentoring and training interns, parents, teachers, and tutors. We also partner in the community and hold creative events for students.

I have four earned degrees with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration. My Doctoral research involved pairing music with a specialized reading program called Reading from Scratch, which offers training for private, out of school intervention.

I am a published author and have spoken on Freedom Fighters Hope Recovery Center Internet Radio. I have also spoken about my book with Promise Christian University which is aired in 147 countries. I serve as a board member of the International Dyslexia Association and is a Teacher Trainer, Intervention Specialist for S.P.I.R.E. (School Specialty).


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