About Dr. Cintron

Dr. Cintron equips heroic teachers with an effective literacy program for remediating dyslexia, so they can close the achievement gap, stop the school to prison pipeline, and prepare students for success in school and in life.

She has been an educator for 20 years and a classroom teacher for 10. She is also a public speaker, looking for speaking engagements. If you know of any, please her know!

Remember, if students are reading by 3rd grade, they are at risk of dropping out of high school and going to prison.

Dr. Marianne Cintron has a Doctorate of Education in Leadership and Administration, has a Masters in General Education and one in Special Education, and has two California Teaching Credentials. She is a Dyslexia Specialist, President of Step By Step Dyslexia Solutions, and a National Trainer. She has twenty years of experience in Education, ten years as a Classroom Teacher, is an Author, App Developer, and Curriculum Writer.

After teaching in several districts, she left the school system to have a greater reach and to help schools learn about teaching dyslexic students. She is currently a board member of the International Dyslexia Association Tri-County Branch, a member of the Pomona Chamber of Commerce, and Secretary of Christian Business Partners in Glendora. She is the only educator using music with her reading program to effectively help dyslexic students improve in reading at a profound rate. She is passionate to share this information with schools in order to can close the achievement gap in reading and stop the school to prison pipeline.

Additionally, when students are using a structured, systematic, sequential, and cumulative reading program following the Orton- Gillingham Model, you can predict the success of students. Add music to that mix enhances the credentials of the Step by Step Reading. Spelling Rules need to be taught explicitly. It is your responsibility, if you are an educator, to become aware of how to best serve the dyslexic students. Reach out to her for ideas and half-day or full-day workshops.