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About the App, CDSM – Cintron Dyslexia Solutions with Music

Cintron Dyslexia Solutions with Music provides parents an alternative to helping your child bring a B to an A…that is, if your child knows phonics. If, not, this app is intended to be used with Dr. Cintron’s Step By Step Reading Program ©.

And if you would like a voucher to receive the Spelling Exercises so you can check your child’s work, email Dr. Cintron here with purchase verification. She will send you the spelling exercises in a digital file!

This app requires internet connection and is divided into three subgroups. Students should be 7 years or older for using these exercises with the music. Music is always played in the LEFT ear and spelling in the RIGHT ear. This is called “Enhanced Lateralization.”
For each button, students tap the button to begin the exercise, which can be paused, rewound, or fast forwarded as the student desires using the back, pause, and forward arrows < = >.

Subgroup 1: Music which is played in the left ear during any reading exercise and letter names and sounds for practice if needed.

Subgroup 2: Spelling word lists increasing in difficulty. There are 28 spelling exercises. Be sure the music is played in the left ear.

Subgroup 3: Spelling sentence groups with increased difficulty. There are 8 sentence groups. Be sure the music is played in the left ear.


Why This App Is Unique

It works! Unlock your dyslexic child’s genius which is hidden because of a low self-esteem.

Sending music in the left ear while the child studies with our reading program helps him/her learn faster! Results consist of students: improved self-esteem, reading without being overwhelmed, writing better paragraphs, speaking up and sharing ideas, moving to the top of the class, loving school and learning.

Dyslexia App iTunes
Dyslexia App iTunes

About the Author

Dr. Marianne Cintron is a Doctor of Education in Leadership and Administration, speaker, and author. She has a Masters Degree in Special Education and in General Education complimenting two California Teaching Credentials. She is a Dyslexia Specialist, President of Step By Step Dyslexia Solutions, and an International Teacher Trainer. She tutors students with Dyslexia as she expands her Learning Center. She will receive Orton Gillingham Associate Level Certification at the end of 2021.

Dr. Cintron created the Step By Step Reading© program, developed a music app to help dyslexic children, as she helps parents unlock their dyslexic child’s Superpower. She has a Podcast called Dyslexia Solutions, and a You Tube Channel. She’s been an educator for 21 years and a classroom teacher for 10. She is active in many professional organizations. She’s been married to Will for 31 years and has 3 adult children.