Dr. Marianne Cintron Releases First Book in New Children’s Series

Replace your child’s stress or anxiety from having a new sibling with joy, excitement and anticipation!

GLENDORA, Calif. – July 24, 2021 – Dr. Marianne Cintron is excited to announce the release of her first children’s book, “I’m Going to Be a Big Brother!” from the voice of a young son. The book is the first in a series that will help children with their fears about a new baby joining the family.

Dr. Cintron is a dyslexia specialist, speaker, and author. Education is Dr. Cintron’s third career, springboarded from subbing in her children’s preschool to being a substitute teacher in a mental health hospital. She never dreamed of earning five degrees, with a calling to expose that “Dyslexia is a Trait of Genius!” She’s been an educator for 22 years and a classroom teacher for 10. She earned a doctorate degree and two master’s degrees.

“I never realized how scared kids could get about a new baby joining the family, and I am inspired to write a series of 12 children’s books talking about a new baby coming into the home expressed in the voice of a child,” Cintron said. “The first book is my son’s voice. The next is in a big sister’s voice, then twin siblings, an adopted son, and a middle child. The first home example will be with a mom and dad and then to the single mom. I’d like to include multiple ethnicities, and have the books translated into multiple languages.”

The series will not be ordinary books about a new baby. The first book shares information about the baby’s size and weight inside the womb month by month. Every three months, Dr. Cintron shares what the baby is doing inside the mother’s womb, allowing mom, dad and other children to be excited and anticipate the baby’s arrival together.

“I’m Going to Be a Big Brother!” is now available, visit stepbystepdyslexiasolutions.com/books.

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