Marianne Cintron, EdD

Commissioned with the national vision of bringing literacy to over 300,000 students each year, Dr. Marianne Cintron founded and presides over Step By Step Dyslexia Solutions. Being an inspiring educator and classroom teacher for 26 and 10 years respectively, this exceptional woman enriches the lives of all that come in contact with her.

Dr. Marianne Cintron established Cintron Orton – Gillingham Reading Institute which provides people with the opportunity to participate in two different and completely educative virtual training programs.  She follows the Science of Reading and her testimonials in this industry have made room for her voice to be a force all over the world.

She is an author, a public speaker, and the owner of a 4 YouTube Channels and a Podcast channel with over 1.54K subscribers and 351episodes with nearly 1000 views per video. She is a regular guest speaker on BBC TV/radio Raising Expectations and an annual speaker at the Promise Governance Leadership Conference every September.

She has a Doctorate Degree in Education Leadership and Administration and has never been selfish with her ideas, structure, and planning process such that people also burdened with the responsibility to help children win have benefited from her wealth of knowledge. On a mission to help illiterate incarcerated adults read, she zealously shares relevant information with parents and educators.

She was the Vice-President of Christian Business Partners in Upland and also a member of the Global Society of Female Entrepreneurs until she took on a full-time role to teach students in a home-hospital setting. She was in her fourth term as a board member for the International Dyslexia Association in the Tri-County Branch in California and a contributor to the Frameworks for California Teacher Credentialing related to dyslexia training. She currently is a Board Member of Film Advisory Board (FAB) with Michael Connley.

In 2021, Dr. Marianne was the recipient of several awards: Social Impact Award Finalist – Lady in Blue, Lifetime Legacy Award Nominee – National Women of Influence, 100 Women Global Award – CD Wilson Events. In addition, she earned certificates from different reputable organizations, Certificates of Recognition from the California State Assembly, the California State Senate, and the Country of Riverside. She authored a Proclamation on October Being Dyslexia Awareness Month in Pomona, California, signed by five city council members. She has authored and published seven books in total, amongst which three are focused on the impact of music in helping to teach dyslexic people to read. She is also published in the PGI (Promise Governance Institute) Anthology III Integrity in Leadership (2021). She will speak about Truth in Education for Anthology IV.

Dr. Marianne’s passion for education is also displayed in the unrelenting pursuit of her personal development and education too. She possesses a Masters Degree in both General Education and Special Education.  She currently has two California Teaching Credentials for General Education and Mild to Moderate Special Education. With over 200 hours of Orton – Gillingham practicum training, Dr. Marianne has proven to be an expert in dyslexia. It is worthy to mention that, along with her curriculum and training videos, she is also an app developer (CDSM). Her programs are widely recommended across the globe and are currently used in the United States, Canada, India, Africa, and the Philippines.

On A Personal Note

Apart from her passion for education, Dr. Marianne is also family oriented. She is a native of California and has been married to William for 34 years. She is an amazing mother to three children; Randy, Richard (who is married to Nicolina), Laura, and grandmother to Olivia. Her faith and love for the Lord Jesus and for people is undebatable. She is very involved in her church and community. Dr. Marianne has a number of hobbies which includes bike-riding on the beach, hikes in Yosemite, and vacations in Hawaii.

She deserves all the applause she currently gets. For someone whose career started from subbing in her children’s pre-school to being a substitute teacher in a mental health hospital before fully diving into education, she never imagined the realization of five degrees with a call to reveal that “Dyslexia Is a Trait of Genius”.


  • Dr. Marianne discovered the affinity between music and reading; and how it helps with dyslexia.
  • She aims to unlock the genius mind of a person that has dyslexia by helping them read, build their self-esteem, and realize their full potential.
  • Her popular music app; CDSM – Cintron Dyslexia Solutions with Music which was developed to work with her Step by Step reading program was created with dyslexic kids in mind.

Dyslexia – A Trait of Genius: How to Unlock the Genius Mind of Your Dyslexic Child

This book takes you through Dr. Cintron’s journey to become a Dyslexia Specialist and she outlines the Six Keys to Unlocking Your Dyslexic Child’s Genius. G – Discover their Giftedness, E – What Gets your Child Enthusiastic, N- The Neuroscience of the Brain and Reading, I – The Innovation of Dyslexic People like Walt Disney, Leonardo Da Vinci, Stephen Spielberg, Steve Jobs and more, U – The Unique Approach to Teaching Reading, S- the Successes of Present Day Dyslexic Geniuses.

Dyslexia and My Journey to Becoming the Dyslexia Specialist.  Dr. Marianne Cintron