Let Us Bring Peace to Your Home, By Helping Your Dyslexic Child Read, So They Can Build Their Self – Esteem, Unlock Their Genius Mind And Realize Their Full Potential!

Did you know that 40% of all self-made millionaires are dyslexic? And 35% of HS dropouts are dyslexic? We can help our dyslexic kids unlock their genius minds and achieve their potentials.

The Problem
We were created with the ability to learn with hands on apprenticeship style. With the industrial revolution and the creation of the printing press, we lost 20 % of our people, the dyslexic people. The structure of the typical classroom is not created for dyslexic kids who need to move, ask a lot of questions, and have freedom to create.

As a Result
Dyslexic kids feel stupid, they quit trying and are dropping out of high school. Their genius is hidden due to a low self-esteem and we need to unlock their brilliant minds!

How Do We Help Your Kids and Unlock their Genius Minds?

I’ll use the acronym GENIUS, because Dyslexia is the Trait of Genius.

G stands for Giftedness – Do you recognize your child’s gifts and talents? Are you able to support their dreams?

E stands for Enthusiasm What excites your child? Is it Legos, trucks, balls, dolls? Does your child like to play doctor or nurse, or teacher, or mom or dad? What about baking, dancing, or gymnastics?

N stands for the Neuroscience  The brain can be retrained. We’ll show you how without your child losing his/her creative gifts!

Why Music? Background for Success with MusicLearn More…

I stands for Innovation Dyslexic people excel in four specific areas: Entrepreneurism, Architecture, Theater, and Engineering. 40% of Self-Made Millionaires are dyslexic. 35% of the Entrepreneurs in the US are dyslexic.

On the flip side of those wonderful statistics are these sad statistics.

Did you know that 80% of the juveniles in our juvenile court system are illiterate AND 66 % of prison inmates are illiterate? How many geniuses are in prison because they weren’t correctly taught to read and their gifts weren’t recognized or encouraged?

U stands for Unique – There is a Unique way to help Your Child Read  – It’s called a Multisensory Approach.

 While all kids benefit from a multisensory teaching program, dyslexic children need this.

It works to their strengths and weaknesses.

S stands for Success – What is success? We need to encourage and support all kids to graduate high school. We need our children to be responsible, critical thinking citizens.


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U is for UNIQUE

S is for SUCCESS