Can a Dyslexic Person Go to College?

College isn’t for everyone, but there are some careers that require a college degree. Being a doctor, nurse, engineer, or teacher, are just a few careers we have in our family. Our son is a very successful crane operator and college just wasn’t for him. Dyslexic or not, you have to decide if you really need college to follow your passion and fulfill your dreams.

Okay, so you still don’t know what you want to do with your life. Try Community college. Your school will help you with a survey of what you are best suited for. Or look at a family member or friend and see if you like their career path.

How do I  Get Through the Coursework if I Have Dyslexia?

First Get Assessed

Students with dyslexia struggle with their education but something in driving them from within to continue their education. It doesn’t have to be debilitating.  Many dyslexic students pretty much overcome their challenges because they’ve received early intervention. But some students didn’t receive the proper intervention and must learn to overcome the challenges now as they enter into adulthood. College-bound students with dyslexia will have to go through a tough process to receive accommodations on assignments and tests unless you are assessed for dyslexia. It is a painless process and I can help here. It’s your move!

I recall when I taught Human Growth and Development at Azusa Pacific University California. I recognized a dyslexic student because he came in late and seemed very anxious. He had to speak to after class. He couldn’t finish his assignments and just seemed overwhelmed with the course content. Even though he tried for a week to keep up with everyone, he realized he needed to tell me about his dyslexia. Fortunately, he had paperwork to show that he been tested for dyslexia and even received intervention at a friend’s clinic. I was able to give him accommodations (more time on assignments, shorter assignments, oral exams, work with peers. The first step for dyslexic adults is to get assessed and bring your assessment to the university for accommodations. Colleges will make the necessary accommodations.

Next, if you know you need college for your career but are wondering how you pay for it, that is a great concern.  Lack of finances and accumulating college debt can be huge motivators not to go to college. But there are scholarships for you. I will share some of these sites with you.

How Can I Afford to Attend College?

There is a way to achieve your dreams. Many adults with dyslexia are very successful in the career force. I want to provide you with insight on how to receive scholarships to help you with your adventure in college. It is stressful enough to take the standardized test exams like the SAT or ACT and have to wait for the results but coming up with a way to pay the tuition each quarter is a challenge in itself. There is some aid that can help you relieve stress. These scholarships can be found on scholarships.com. Choose the ones that you think will suit your needs.

For all your high school juniors and seniors who are college-bound, who have dyslexia, I want to encourage you to fulfill your dream! I congratulate you on not letting a learning difference hold you back.  God has a special call on your life, and with his guidance, you can be a world changer!

Get assessed for dyslexia so you will be given accommodations and take advantage of the scholarships paid for by people who want to help you get through college.

To learn more about dyslexia support or about Ed Code related to dyslexia, click here.