Did you know that 6 out of 10 children are not ready for kindergarten when they turn five? Did you know that starting out from behind can trap them in a cycle of continuous catch-up in their learning?

I equip heroic parents with skills to prepare their children for kindergarten

These are critical years for learning and development which set the stage for later years.


A little about when my kids were young,

I chose to stay home when my kids were young, and we made a lot of sacrifices. I tried a couple of home businesses and spending time with them was the best job ever! They are terrific young adults today and I’m so proud of them!!

I spent a lot of time teaching them language development just because I loved to talk and take field trips! I enjoyed seeing how much they loved going to the library and getting picture books, they loved puzzles, and children’s board games. They were both chomping at the bit to go to kindergarten at age 4 1/2. And back in the late 1990s, they could do that.

I wasn’t called to teach until they were in school and I became their room mom, so what I share with you comes after earning 2 credentials, 2 Masters and a Doctorate in reading!

I know many parents don’t feel qualified and feel so unequipped, they don’t’ even know where to begin teaching their preschooler.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m going to share with you exactly can has to be done.

Studies reveal that participating in early quality learning can boost children’s educational success and earnings later in life.

49% of preschoolers are not enrolled in programs, and I want to share with you what you can do at home to help your preschooler.


I use the Acronym READ.

R is for ready. Children are always ready to learn new things. You have to be ready as well.

Think about the best time for learning. Is it when children want to play? Cuddle? Sit and relax? You can engage in learning throughout the day, make learning a game, and also give it structure for 15 minutes at a time.


E stands for easy. This is easier than you think. You have so many resources at your fingertips. Your first resources is the love you have for your child. The second is your creativity! And you have more!

Magazines: you can cut out pictures to teach phonics, and I’ll show you how.…Start collecting magazines now! And things of various shapes and textures. Put them in a box, and I’ll how you how use them to teach.


Cut out colored squares and circles, and I’ll have you working with your child right away.

Remember you are your child’s hero and your kids love spending quality time with you.

We talk a lot about kids learning best with a multisensory approach. Children need to move, touch, hear, see, and speak!

A stands for ABILTY! You have the ability to teach your child.

You are brilliant and you’ve already taught your child so much. All you need are some new tools, called systems and procedures in place related to becoming Kindergarten-ready and I’m the person to help you

D stands for Don’t be Afraid!

We all can begin somewhere. Do you have fabric scraps at home? Do you find toys with different textures when you’re out and about? Start saving some of those items. You can teach your child what soft is and compare it to a hard table. Kids ask me what is velvet. What is silk. Show your child something soft, then ask her to find you something else soft. Show your child something cold, then ask him to show you something else that’s cold.


There are many books available that teach animal sounds, and books that teach rhymes. These learning opportunities are fun for kids, and I know you enjoy seeing your child learn.

I developed a music app called Dunking Dyslexia and the very first exercise that gives you the letter names and sounds. If you email me, I will send you a personal code to have the app for free for a month.

Your child can listen with or without headphones and start repeating the letter names and sounds after me.

Children who are ready for writing those letters can start there with your help.

This is such a great time to spend with your child.


So many moms are asking for help now. You’re not alone. So I am offering a two day ZOOM webinar called KINDER CHAMPS, on May 7th and 8th. from 9-10 am PST.

You will learn about 10 things you can do to help your child prepare for kindergarten.

You will learn ways to teach these 10 things to your child:

  1. Uppercase and lower case letter recognition
  2. Phonics, letter to sound association
  3. Rhyming and word families
  4. Matching beginning and ending sounds
  5. How to share a favorite toy and tell a story
  6. Reading – using picture books
  7. Comprehension – using pictures associated to stories being told
  8. Reading from left to right
  9. Getting started with writing
  10. When to stay inside the lines

We’ll have questions and answers and an opportunity for more webinars.

You can reach me on my website is www.dyslexia-solutions.

You can email me today and sign up and I’ll get you started with a free access to my app.

You don’t want to wait. I’m only accepting the first 25 parents who email me. Take advantage of the time we are all in our homes.

I guarantee you’re going to learn many things you never imagined would help you teach your child.