Secret # 4 – Is Dyslexia a Sign of Genius? Dyslexia – A Trait of Genius – Secret 4 to Unlock Your Child’s Genius Mind

I – Innovation

Thank you for tuning in again for tip four of how to unlock your child’s genius. I’m going to use the letter “i” for “innovation”.

Dyslexic people excel in four specific areas: entrepreneurism, architecture, theater, and engineering. 40% of self-made millionaires are dyslexic and 35 of the entrepreneurs in the United States are dyslexic. But on the flip side of that, those wonderful statistics have some sad statistics. Did you know that 80 of the juveniles in our juvenile court system are illiterate? 66 of the prison inmates are illiterate. I wonder how many geniuses are locked in prison because they weren’t correctly taught to read, and their gifts weren’t recognized or encouraged. These bright kids went to groups who supported them, that respected them, and would be rough and tough, commit crimes, and that won them respect. Research says that kids who aren’t reading by fourth grade are at risk of dropping out of high school and going to prison. In fact, I have a friend who used to work for the Department of Justice, and he told me that when he worked back east, there was a state that looked at the illiteracy rate of third graders to determine how many prisons to build. Now, in California, we spend forty thousand dollars on inmates. Anyway, we spend a lot of money on prison inmates, and we spend a lot of money on kids in special ed, when we could offer them remediation before they reach fourth grade. we could offer them an opportunity to graduate from high school, unlock their dream, unlock their genius, and let them step into the creative innovations that they have and give them a chance. So, that’s tip number four. Stay tuned for tip number five of how to unlock your child’s genius. Thank you for joining.

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