Reasons Why Being an Entrepreneur is Amazing!

Did you know that 40% of Self-Made Millionaires are Dyslexic? And That 35% of Entrepreneurs are Dyslexic?

Today I want to share with you a story of one of the second graders that I tutor in my home. Cameron asked me, “Dr. Cintron, did you ever have trouble reading?” and I replied, “No, and my children didn’t either, but they always hung around and friends who did.”

I remember my son had friends who had ADHD and my heart went out to some of these parents who had their children struggling with learning to read. Then I was working with him with some of the strategies we learned to teach reading and one of the things we teach is that two circles go together. If two letters make one sound like in the word “thin” or “thick” or “them”, so “th” is together but it’s one sound, two letters. I was showing them that and he said, “Well, my teacher doesn’t do it that way,” and I said, “That’s because your teacher hasn’t learned, but that’s the way you’re supposed to teach it.”

I was trained, I became a teacher, and now I teach teachers

I said, “In fact, I trained your teacher 12 years ago.” And he couldn’t believe it. He says, “So wait a minute, you got trained to teach, you should be a teacher.” I told him I was a teacher and he goes, “You were trained to teach, you were a teacher, and now you train teachers?” And I said, “Yes, that’s right.” It’s so fun to see the kids learn about that.

One of the things I wanted to talk to you about was how I’m learning about the brilliance of dyslexic people. In fact, forty self-made millionaires are dyslexic entrepreneurs, and I am just fascinated by that because I always heard that Einstein and Ford and Churchill and Leonardo da Vinci were dyslexic. But now I am in a networking group, meeting people who are engineers and movie producers and technical geniuses and authors and artists. I am learning about these people being dyslexic as adults and I’ve also heard testimonies of dyslexic adults saying that they struggled in school and they wish they would have had someone like me to help them when they’re young because their self-esteem took a beating. I would say, well you know you are successful now and we just really want to help those kids realize their full potential and not feel like they’re stupid. We want them to graduate high school, so I remember the words of my mom when I was a young girl.

Mom said, “Entrepreneurs are unemployed people.”

My mom would say, “An entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t have a job” and that’s got to touch the heart of every entrepreneur out there. The reason she said that was because my dad was an entrepreneur. He was a real estate person, he was an insurance salesman, and he did a lot of different careers, maybe three or four that I could remember. But he had a lot of illnesses because he was diabetic so he never could see the achievement of what he was working at, so he changed and changed, and my mom was frustrated with that. My mom ended up having to go to work and she worked at Lockheed Air Force Base, which was wonderful because it gave stability of money, stability of health benefits, regular nine to five hours, and she loved it. She was good at it and I always kind of marveled at people who had jobs for twenty, thirty, forty years. My husband has kept his job for 42 years as a manager with an organization and deals with the gas and oil industry.

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I have had two careers before I got married and when my kids were born, I wanted to stay home with them, so I was always trying to create new jobs to be at home with my kids. I went back to school, so education is my third career now. I have been in education for 21 years, but I’ve had a lot of different roles. I’ve been in several different school districts and I have had a learning center and right now, I’m also training teachers and tutoring kids. So, I’ve had a lot of roles in the education field and I’ve always been an out-of-the-box thinker. This is a place where God has me for a time, where parents are needing help with their dyslexic children. I’m here to relieve their pain and suffering. Let me tutor your child, let me bring them into our family of tutors that we have at Step-By-Step Dyslexia Solutions.

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I realized that 35% of the dropouts of high school are dyslexic kids and 88% of kids in the juvenile system cannot read.  I’m kind of having a paradigm shift with this is looking at these dyslexic children as diamonds that need to come out and the light needs to shine on them. We need to see the brilliance that they have inside them and we need to let them discover their dyslexia genius. They might not all be Fords and Einsteins and Leonardo da Vincis but let them see hope in their future.

Give Your Child Hope – Tell Them Stories of Dyslexic Geniuses

I’m showing some of this information to the students that I’m tutoring. The young girl that I’m tutoring is seeing wonderful dancers, Gillian Lynne, the dyslexic choreographer of Cats and the Phantom of the Opera, who passed away in 2018. I just want to tap into your child’s genius, and I want you to notice that your child has brilliance inside of him or her. If they’re dyslexic, not to be frustrated but come to me and let me help you with your child. I’m going back to the motto that I used 12 years ago, “Dyslexia is not a four-letter word”. Let’s work with these kids and help them achieve their full potential so they can be successful in school and life. Not all of them are meant to go to college and that’s okay, but let’s help them reach their potential.

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