65.9 % of students fail to reach grade-level reading by fourth grade, and they rarely catch up. They’re at risk of dropping out of highschool and going to prison. And it doesn’t have 3 to be that way!


I equip heroic teachers with an effective literacy program to remediate dyslexia, close the achievement gap, and prepare kids for success in school and in life.

I’m Dr. Marianne Cintron

President of Step By Step Dyslexia Solutions, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization.

I also have 2 MA, 2 Teaching Cred

21, 10 years

Currently in a Practicum to receive Orton Gillingham Associate Level Certification.


I didn’t learn about dyslexia until I was earning my 2nd Masters and joined the International Dyslexia Association, of which I am now a board member in the Tri- County Branch.

In my own discovery, I earned how using music accelerated learning to read when it is paired with a phonics. Our students were making 1-3 year gains in only 6 weeks in vocabulary, reading fluency, and/or reading comprehension.

Cruz was going into second grade. He didn’t even know his letter names and sounds. I advocated for him to receive intervention five days a week. In a few short months, he learned his letter names and sounds, started my reading program with uses music. Now is he reading at a 4th-grade level, comprehending at a 5th-grade level and he exited Special Education for Language Arts.

Try it. Play classical music in the left ear as you read or even watch the news.

My research is based on the neuroscience of the relationship that music has to learning to read.

Email me if you want to discuss my program, my music app, or talk about tutoring or assessing your dyslexic child.

Every Child has a right to read.