Therapists will discuss the many parts of the brain which work together to build the neuropathways to help kids read. But I never hear anyone talk about the left and right angular gyruses. This is how music can really impact the brain and rewire the dyslexic brain to read. It doesn’t remove the creativity of the brain, but helps kids read so that they develop their literacy skills, realize their full potentials, and positively impact their communities! (Great Mission Statement for my nonprofit, right?)


My reading program, Step By Step Reading, is Orton-Gillingham based created with the dyslexic student in mind. I created it, after being an educator for two decades and teacher trainer of OG curriculum nationwide. I developed an accompanying app called Dunking Dyslexia which plays classical music in the left ear, while spelling exercises play in the right ear, each crossing to the opposite side of the brain. In my private practice ten years ago, students were making 1-3-year gains using a similar reading program with music in only 6 weeks. My Program has 9-Steps which daily in each step is teaching phonological awareness, the pillar of reading.

In my Doctoral research, students were taught by college interns over a 12-week period and made those same 1-3 year gains.


The music app is based on the neuroscience of the brain how music positively affects the learning and reading of phonics. The app is the culminating activity (Step 9 of the program) after every 60 -minute intervention. Students also use music during other parts of the program. Music is sent in the left ear to the right angular gyrus giving it a job it LOVES. Throughout the entire reading program, the right angular gyrus is being strengthened with phonological awareness, like Pilates of the brain.

I captured 13 of my personal testimonies working with dyslexic kids, some with music and some without. Compare the difference.  Read my book,  A Message of Hope, How Music Enhances Reading for Dyslexic Students, available where books are sold. This is an excellent read for all teachers to learn about dyslexia and the use of music, and how they can help students.


If teachers, displaced or otherwise, would be willing to be taught my reading program and be paid by sponsors in their community to teach dyslexic kids, how great would our communities be? ( A great vision statement, right?)



Educate students with the right literacy program

Instill in them, hope for their future

Empower them to be effective in their communities!


Please see my website at www.dyslexia-solutions.com.

Look at the reading program Step By Step Reading

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